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AARP insurance or the American Association of retired person is a 59 years old investment company. A retired educator of California has started the business with an insurance expert.
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Insurance Coverage

This is almost a decade now and the company is now among the top car insurance companies of America. They provide not only the auto insurance but also several other insurances. We can start it when we are with AARP, our valuable possessions are safe and secured. If you are going to invest your money for AARP insurance, you can read some AARP car insurance reviews from the internet, which are so much helpful for you to take a decision. To compare the policy, you can get an AARP car insurance quote from their website.

AARP offers a huge range of coverage for their every policy. With the payoff option of the company, you will find some more benefits which are not available with other insurance companies of America.

Coverage Options

In the list of coverage options for the company, you will find many things.

Apart from the common coverage options including Collision- (to get the overall damage expenses in any accident), comprehensive- (if your car is damaged by storm, vandalism, fire etc) bodily injury (if you are injured by other drivers fault), liability coverage, uninsured or underinsured driver coverage and so on, you will find some different options too.

  • Here also the option of medical payment to cover all the medical expenses of yours and your family members after an accident.
  • If you have once has signed the insurance contract with the company, you will get the opportunity to renew it for as long as you can drive a car with a minimum payable Condition. It is more relaxing one as you can know that your premium amount is securely locked for a year with the company.
  • Your company will pay all the additional expenses like transportation, cleaning, and cooking. This is up to $ 2500.
  • In this area of coverage, you could have a replacement of new car of same model and brand if the car is in warranty period that means it is less than fifteen months of buying or it has crossed just 2500 miles journey after buying it, without any deduction charge.
  • You rates will be same with your policy whether you have faced any accident on the first few years of the insurance or not. Your policy didn't go against you.
  • Your deductible will minimize up to $0 if you are able to maintain a safe driving record for long.
  • If you have two different policies with AARP car insurance, you will have the opportunity to pay only for one, which one is higher among them if there any issue of the car lost.


AARP car insurance actually makes their policy more affordable for you. In every policy, the company tries to add the extra discounts on premium to keep it within the budget. AARP or Hartford always wants it that their customer, to be happy while paying their premium, thus add up some extra discount in policy for your savings.  The company offers Bundle Discount where a customer can save up to 5% in his or her car insurance. In Multiple car discount offer, for more that single car insurance, up to 3% you can save. Defensive driver Discount can add up extra 5% to your wallet if you complete a defensive driver lessons in three years time.  You can always get an extra discount if you buy automatic air bags, burglar alarm etc.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

AARP is a company of Hartford and they are quite high profile insurance company and provide a 100% customer satisfaction. They are 24x7 available for solving the issues of their customers. They work on the claims properly from beginning to end. You can call the support executive of the company or can ask for an online help and will be amazed to find how fast they are to reach there, even on a roadside car breakdown or accident. The help of the company will reach you as soon as possible.

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Financial Stability

Financial Stability Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

The rating of the financial stability of the company is 4.0 out of 5 which is very much convenient to prove that, this company is financially very sound and healthy. AARP is a subsidiary of Hartford so the company pays a royalty fee to the AARP every year. Most of the states of America need a membership option to log in with AARP.

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