About Us

We are the Insurance Intermediary specialized in the mass sale of Auto Insurance No. 1 with more than 24 years of experience, present before, during and after any situation that puts our clients and their assets at risk.

Why buy at Carinsurancecover.com?

  • To cover the expenses that arise when you crash a vehicle or damage another type of property, and also in case you hurt a person or if he dies to compensate his family.

  • Because we offer training and learning spaces in key aspects of your vehicle and road safety.

  • To cover the expenses that are generated by the total or partial loss of your vehicle in an event of theft or shock.

  • Because we provide you with accompaniment or assistance at the national level with our own vehicles or with those of suppliers under our control.

  • Through our service of 0 kilometers, we provide the necessary accompaniment to you when you buy a new vehicle.

  • To have criminal / civil legal assistance at events that involves your responsibility while driving your vehicle.

How to hire Your Auto Insurance Online

  1. Find the best option

  2. Register your data and those of your vehicle

  3. Get Immediate Coverage in 5 Minutes