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This car insurance company is the dream of two people who wanted to change the trend of car insurance to their customers, a reasonable insurance policy.
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Insurance Coverage

This popular company in service since 1928 and the glory and goodwill enhanced but never fade away with the changing time. With every changing trend, Farmers adopted the best thing to improve their deals.

The overall rating of the company in comparison with others is 77 out of 100, which has decided on tree parameter, financial stability, customer satisfaction and affordability of the premiums.

A general car insurance policy gives coverage benefits up to the damage you cause, but Farmers Car insurance goes beyond that. It actually offers personalized coverage, some additional safeguard options to protect you from unpredicted losses, coverage gap. It also helps you to cover every day's road life issues Farmers Insurance let its customer, choose to customize coverage option for their policy. There are different insurance coverage policies such as; Roadside emergencies, speeding ticket, Car break-ins, Fender benders, Rideshare coverage, No fault accidents and much more.

Coverage Options

  • You can choose your own policy as per your needs, which fits your best. There are so many options to check out.

  • If you take this option, Farmers insurance will pardon one accident for each three years, even if you had just claimed your first one in years. You don’t have to worry about rate change also.
  • If you just bought yourself a brand new car, be sure to get covered with this unique Farmers insurance. You can easily get replaced by a brand new model as a pledge by Farmer's insurance company, only if your vehicle runs 24,000 miles or is totaled in first two model years of ownership. In the case of any small maintenance work too, company make sure that original auto parts only used. 
  • For the purpose of bodily injury on an accident, the payable amount is $ 15,000 per person and 30,000 per accident. For the uninsured drivers, it is same and to cover the property damage issue the amount is $ 5000 for an insured driver and $ 3000 for uninsured.
  • In case you violated rules and get the ticket for speeding up or ignored the red light, Farmers insurance didn't increase their rates until and unless someone files a claim. The only thing you need to add this option in your insurance policy. 
  • This option benefits you to keep your rate unchanged even if you cause any small accidents with your own fault.
  • In case you break down on road, just call Farmers, who is available 24X7, for roadside assistance through claim service and you can avail with; locksmith service, jump start of the battery, towing service to repair your car in the nearest facility.
  • In case if you have a small crack in the window or a totally shattered one, with the help of this policy you can get replaced by new vehicle glass from the reputed company near you. Farmers insurance helps you to get connected fast; they assure you class service and equipment from a reliable store, work through round the clock, best of the warranted goods for your car, handy mobile reply where ever you are in trouble; school, office, home.
  • Farmers car insurance does not increase your rate in case your car lost or injured due to bad weather.


It is a bit expensive compared to other insurance policies, which means the monthly premium is just a bit high but not out of the reach for a common people. It’s affordable. The rating is 3 out of 5.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

Regarding customer satisfaction, Credit rates almost 4 stars out of 5. Eventually, you will get help 24X7 by Farmers agent. Whenever you are in trouble, your cheap insurance company will be there for you. They give personalized attention towards their customer. Not only has that, these trustworthy, knowledgeable and accountable agents always tried to build a healthy lifetime relation through their guidance, attention, and help. They have mobile apps through which you can pay your premium hassle free.

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Financial Stability

Financial Stability Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

Farmers has a total asset of $382 billion and scores almost 4.1 out of 5 in financial stability rating. The asset ensures not only an economic solidity but also a trust towards the company.  There are many Farmers Car insurance reviews available online.

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