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Nationwide is one of the leading insurance companies in America and this company offers a fine and fabulous coverage and service to their customers. It was established on 1926 and continuing the great service till now.
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Insurance Coverage

Nationwide is now a very familiar name in the world of car insurance and policies. They have huge numbers of customers, who amazed by their different kind of services.

The rating of nationwide car insurance company is 92 out of 100, which is truly impressive and this rating is based on different parameters, like the customer satisfaction, affordability and the financial stability of the company. With the comparison with other cheap car insurance companies, Nationwide holds a real high position in this industry and proved by the smart rating.

You get a wide range of coverage on your vehicles during any kind of accidents due to Weather, Sabotage, by other vehicles, by any animals, forcibly injuries etc. Nationwide car insurance allows its member to select their coverage, whichever auto insurance policies suites to the customer as per their budget.  Nationwide car insurance takes every care for you and your car while on road.

Coverage Options

  • This policy is applicable to the coverage of the issues of property damage or bodily injury. If any other person’s property including cars, parts of cars, building, home or land get damaged by your fault, or if you have injured any person by your car then your insurance will cover the entire expenses.
  • Collision coverage is the great coverage from that particular company if you or your car affected by other person’s fault or by another vehicle.
  • This is to provide you a help pay due to damage of your car from natural calamities, vandalism and also from accidents. 
  • This is to save you and to pay you at the time of a hit and run accident by an Uninsured car. Even this policy is to cover the expenses of car repairing. 
  • It is a reward program from the company for the safe drivers. It may deduct $ 100 each year for a smooth and safe driving.
  • This is applicable, when the driver or person, who is responsible for your accident doesn’t have enough insurance coverage.
  • It is to cover all the medical expenses at the time of an accident no matter whether you are responsible or not. This also helps you to get extra benefits on medical bills regarding your personal injury protection. 
  • Personal injury insurance is for paying the medical bills if you are injured by an unexpected accident and it will also manage your lost wages.
  • This type of coverage promises, complete assistance assurance on road to handle the issues like out of gas or fuel or other repairing services.
  • There also the insurance of accident coverage and gap insurance.
  • For the reasons of Bodily injury and uninsured motorist bodily injury, both are there $15000 per person, and from the company you can get $30000 per accident. $5000 is for property damage due to an accident and  $3500 for uninsured motorist property damage.


Nationwide is a trusted and renowned car insurance company and there are lots of reasons that people are buying a car insurance from there. The affordability rating of the company is 5 out 5, which is really convenient. They offer exciting discounts and facilities to their customers which are really pocket-friendly. Try to have the nationwide car insurance quotes online to compare the offers with others and to save more of course.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

On the rating of customer satisfaction, it deserves a high rank. This company provides a special discount and 24x7 customer support at ant situation; even they provide an on road full service to the customers. You can go for Nationwide car insurance reviews online to have an idea about the insurance policy.

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Financial Stability

Financial Stability Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

Nationwide insurance is a trustworthy fortune 500 company, dealing with insurance and give service to their customers through five different brands like; Nationwide Insurance, Allied Insurance, Nationwide Agribusiness, Scottsdale Insurance and Titan Insurance. Nationwide Financial, Nationwide Bank, and Nationwide Retirement solution are the operating brands for financial services offer to their customer. The company work solid to make their customers happy and trustworthy every day now and days to come. Thus when the customer needs them the most, get them the most.  The total assets of the company are $ 197.1 billion. The rating of financial stability is 4.2 out of 5.

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